Binary Vision

12 January
Name: Dyta X

Age: 16

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 125 lbs

Blood Type: A

Hair Colour: Black with Dark Red Highlights

Eye Colour: Red-Brown

Birthday: January 12

Model: Chobit: Guardian Model

Anime Origins: Chobits (One of the Hunter Chobits, paired with Zima)

Time Line: 2 years since the Chobits timeline-ish for her when she was 15 ^__^

Bio: Yo. My name's Dyta, and I'm not a boy, you stupid-heads. These are boooo~bs. >_< (OOC: They grew in over the last 2 years).I'd use harsher language, but my brother won't let me (stupid older brothers XP)

My parents died when I was five, so my brother raised me ever since, pretty much. It's been fun, but he can be annoying sometimes since he tries to act like a dad sometimes.(Zima's 26, only 9 years older, so he can't pull it off. I still get away with calling him an old geezer tho *heh*)

I just transferred into Mugenjyou High when my brother's job moved here from Japan. I'm a sophomore, and I'm hoping to find someone who's as cool as the people I met at home... Maybe I'll meet Chii here? X3

OOC Notes: Dyta is a Chobit is one sense, but she's more of a cyborg really. She is mostly human, but somewhere early on she was given implants that lend her certain talents. So far, she's discovered that she has enhanced vision, the obligatory persocom network linking cables, enhanced strength and speed, and built-in weapons that she calls "claws". I'll post up a picture eventually, but basically she can encase her hands in metal that goes up into 3 spikes from her fist, and back to protect her arms up to her shoulders. The Dyta from "Chobits" didn't have these, but I figured that since she was a "guardian type", she'd have some sort of implanted weapon. XP
I will stop boring you now...

Timeline for myself:
4-parents die
13- Chobits
16- Mugenjou

Mugenjou is Uber-Insane Love